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A Message from Lane Bradbury – February 2012

Dear Readers,

Valkyrie Theater of Dance, Drama and Film, a non-profit organization which brings the arts to “at-risk teenagers”, is currently producing a short film titled “Trapped”. The film is a project about discrimination, based on a true event that happened to both Valkyrie’s Hip Hop teacher, Ryan Olaes, and myself. This situation showed me how much prejudice still lies within many of us.

The script of “Trapped” was written to allow teenagers “in crisis” the opportunity to express their creativity. Through this expression, they become the heroes of the film. We are presently seeking donations that will allow us to meet the film’s $100,000.00 budget. The Edna Wardlaw Charitable Trust has already donated $7,500.00 towards the project.

Nunzio Fazio, the award winning director of our documentary, “From The Midst Of Pain”, will direct, edit, and be the-do-it-yourself producer of “Trapped”, along with myself. The funds we are seeking will be used to rent camera and lighting equipment, attain permits and insurance, pay the crew, and obtain all the items necessary to make a short film.

If anyone can make this film happen with the extremely limited budget we are seeking, it is Nunzio Fazio. Nunzio and I have worked together since the first shooting of “From The Midst Of Pain” in 2003. He knows film upside down and backwards, is overflowing with talent, and he is HONEST.

Any amount that you can give to help produce “Trapped” would be appreciated beyond measure. Every donation of $100.00 or more will receive a donation credit, unless you prefer otherwise.

Thank you for your consideration. Please send your tax-deductible donation to Valkyrie Theater of Dance, Drama & Film, using the form found at the web address below.

Very sincerely,

Janette Lane Bradbury


Janette Lane Bradbury
Valkyrie Theater of Dance, Drama, & Film
AIM: ElflieLane


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